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Moral Poverty
In "What is Poverty?" Theodore Dalrymple argues that the poverty in England is not economic, it is moral and spiritual. In the text "The City by the Sea" by Shiva Naipaul discusses the poverty in Bombay and its economic and moral connections. Theodore Dalrymple also argues that the poverty his situation in England is worse than poverty in Third World countries. I agree with Dalrymple's first thesis, but in Naipaul's essay the life conditions are more miserable than England. That's why if the economic conditions in the Third World are so bad, that will bring more moral poverty. Therefore I disagree with Dalrymple’s second thesis. If one must compare countries, it shouldn't be between England and Third World countries because
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Moreover, Dalrymple gives another example of a girl who has no hope and is brought to the hospital because of deliberate overdose. She doesn't want to live this life because she is fed up with her ex-boyfriend who beats her up. Also she has three children from different boyfriends. All of these reasons take her to desperation. Although there are many people whose life conditions are worse than hers, people in India try to survive (42). These examples show that people in lower class in England don't have any respect for the people who are trying to help. That's why poverty in England is related to cultural behavior of the poor, so it is spiritual not economic. Other idea of Dalrymple which shows the poverty is not economic in England is about the poor’s irresponsibility and laziness. He supports his idea giving the example of a theft. Dalrymple explains what he sees during walking from hospital to the prison. “There are seven or eight puddles of glass shattered into fragments lying in the gutter en route" (42). Despite government's welfare state and facilities for poor people, some of them still ignore this help and try to find other ways for finding money. This is one of the evidences of cultural poverty in England. Dalrymple also tells about the litter on the streets and in the yards of the public housing. The poor people in England don't clean up their trash because they think that government will do it for them (42). They are lazy, irresponsible and

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