Essay Nursing Concepts

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In a clinical environment, a nurse with a Bachelors in Science of Nursing (BSN) will without doubt be better prepared and more qualified for the job than a nurse with only an Associate’s Degree in nursing because of the knowledge of new technology and patient care methods he or she has acquired through the BSN program. In a patient care situation, such as when a patient is in a critical or frantic period or not complying, a nurse with higher level educational preparation such as a BSN diploma nurse would be able to provide better nursing care and decision making. Now a day’s more hospitals and supervisors are looking for a more educated nursing workforce. Nurses must know what they’re doing and not just do it because …show more content…
The study proves that there is a negative correlation between the baccalaureate degree level and higher level degree and patient mortality rates. Baccalaureate level nurses are less likely to make mistakes when it comes to patient care and the state of the patient. The baccalaureate level understands the complexity and variations in patient care. According to Orsolini-Hain of the National Student Nurses Association says that “although RNs felt they returned to school as skilled, knowledgeable and professional practitioners, they reported growing beyond their expectations in areas of knowledge and professionalism.” Nurses who pursued their Baccalaureate diploma seem to be more knowledgeable and well informed of patient care situations. Not all nurses expect to gain an immense amount of information from the Baccalaureate program but many do. Since it’s clear that BSN nurses are more competent than RN nurses we can also say that they will be able to approach a patient care situation in a more rational way. They are more versatile and are prepared for all health care-settings. They are qualified to work in critical care, outpatient care, public health and mental health. The BSN curriculum conditions skills that are essential for the contemporary professional nurse such as clinical, decision-making and humanistic skills. An ADN

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