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301 2.5
I had an incident with another member of staff. I had been working as a TA with a year 8 class, the RE teacher i was working with used to have a laugh and joke with them and would then abruptly tell them " right stop now we need to get on with our work". They were a lower set class with many statemented pupils, who got confused and upset as to why they could laugh and joke about but then get told off, they couldnt instantly switch to work mode.
I approached the teacher before their next lesson and explained how the children took time to process instructions and that if they were laughing and joking about it would take afew minutes to calm down and get focused on what was required next. The teacher glared at me and then very
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7. Securely kept.

8. Not transferred to any other country without adequate protection in situ.

Before you are told anything, always tell the adult that you will have to share the information with your supervisor. The adult can then decide if he or she still wants to talk to you. Talk to them in a on to parents as you may unknowingly breach confidentiality.
Confidentiality is the preservation of privileged information, concerning children and their families, which is disclosed in the professional relationship. It is a complicated issue which is based upon the principle of trust. Confidentiality is very important when working in a closely with parents. Some information needs to be shared but only with your superior, i.e. head teacher, as it will be a matter of total confidence. If you suspect a child-protection issue, this should be shared only with your superior or safeguarding officer and again in strictest confidence. and the parents will need to be aware of this. It will be important from the very beginning of your relationship with parents, there is an understanding and they can tell you something in confidence, you may have to share the information with your superior.
-It is important never to gossip about parents or their children.
-It is important never to discuss one parent with another.
-It is important not to make judgements about children or their parents.
-Some information needs to

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