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Barack Obama Speech Notes
Paragraph 1:
President Obama begins his speech in a direct, strong manner, emphasizing the importance of the issue at hand; the immediacy of his statement conveys a serious tone. His use of words such as “terrorist” and “murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children” (loaded language) support the rightness of the President’s actions, as well as appeal to the emotions of his audience (emotional appeal, pathos).
Paragraph 2:
President Obama provides background/context for the current occasion, reminding his audience of the tragedies that took place on 9/11.
The specificity of his details and the imagery focus on key memories that all Americans share, thereby justifying his actions for the
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Paragraph 8:
For the second time in the speech, President Obama uses the pronoun “I.” At this point in the speech he is emphasizing his strength as commander-in-chief, conveying to the American public that he can make tough decisions and is a capable protector of our nation. President Obama is cognizant that in the past, Democrats have been portrayed as weak on military matters; he is using the present occasion to enlarge his credibility in this regard. By his waiting to use “I” until this later point, he also shows that he is a humble person (ethos) who recognizes the accomplishments of others before emphasizing his own role.
If from the beginning of the speech he had used the pronoun “I,” his audience might have received the impression that he was taking full credit for the successful operation, perhaps fostering an image of arrogance, which would have obscured his larger message. His use of "I" at this point also points to his willingness to take full responsibility for his actions, demonstrating that he is an individual with conviction and integrity, someone willing to stand by the choices that he makes (ethos).
Paragraph 9:
In this paragraph, President Obama provides context to the planning that went into the operation against bin Laden. He demonstrates that he is a careful planner by mentioning that he had been working on the plan

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