Essay Obesity : The Fast Food Fight

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“The Fast-Food Fight”
Some may argue that fast-food has become the new tobacco. Over the years, we have become highly educated on the health related concerns of smoking, as well as the significant health issues associated with overeating. Fast-food consumption has caused great alarm among Americans and is a controversial issue of who is to blame as well as who should take action. Although many critics believe that fast-food consumption is an individual issue and the government should not be involved with one’s personal eating habits, I would argue that some amount of government intervention is needed.
While it is understandable that people want to eat what they desire, many people have allowed the convenience and glorification of fast-food in American to take precedence over the unhealthy risks of a fast-food diet. Although I concede that “[w]hatever happened to personal responsibility” (David Zinczenko, Author, “Don’t Blame the Eater,” 391) is a legitimate statement when it comes to eating, I still maintain the fact that many Americans eat what is available and accessible to them. Too many families rarely sit down for their meals together as they did in years past. The numbers of single parent households where children “fend for themselves” has multiplied over the years, not to mention the number of fast-food restaurants available to children when there is no meal waiting for them at home. As Zinczenko complicates the issue further, he writes, “When you drive down any…

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