Ocean Acidification And Its Effect On The Environment Essays

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Ocean acidification is described by many scientists as a consequence of rapid increase of carbon dioxide absorbed into the ocean. As ocean acidity increases, its capacity to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere decreases. This decreases the ocean 's role in moderating climate change, "they write (Cullinane.1). As serious as this may seem several damaging effects are happening to the oceans as we speak. The most important creatures in the ocean’s ecosystem like coral are being depleted and overpopulation of photosynthetic algae is going overrun the oceans if nothings done. It needs to be addressed to the public as a serious matter in order produce satisfactory solutions to saving the ocean and the creatures within it.
Why should the public care about ocean acidification? Well for starters the oceans have become 26% more acidic since the start of the Industrial Revolution and continue to acidify at an "unprecedented rate," threatening marine ecosystems, aquaculture and the societies that rely on them (Cullinane. 1). The fact is today a three billion of people rely on oceans for food for their primary source of protein. They say at this rate of change may be faster than at any time in the last 300 million years, predicting that by 2100 there will have been a 170% increase in ocean acidity, compared to pre-industrial times (Cullinane. 1). Now I have family members who live near a coastal area in that situation and they do not know that their way of life will change drastically by…

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