Odour of Chrysanthemums Essay

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A Hint of Death
In literature, foreshadowing is a warning or indication of a future event. Foreshadowing can tell you the possible outcome of a work of literature. In D. H. Lawrence’s “Odour of Chrysanthemums,” he uses the literary technique of foreshadowing to hint to the reader of the tragedy that Elizabeth Bates will soon learn happened to her husband Walter Bates. Throughout the story we follow Mrs. Bates at home with the children and gain knowledge of statements, descriptions, and objects that foreshadow Walter Bates’ death.
The first time we see foreshadowing is when Mrs. Bates is looking for her son John, who appears out of the bushes. John is wearing “…trousers and a waist coat of cloth…” which appear to be “…cut down from a
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Mrs. Bates’ comment on how her husband will be coming home drunk foreshadows how Mr. Bates will come home from the accident and how his body will appear physically.
After Mrs. Bates has put the children to bed and her husband has still not returned, she starts to get angry and very upset. She starts to sew and stitch to get her mind off of her husband. While sitting in her chair “…her anger is tinged with fear” (Broadview). Even though Mrs. Bates is angry that her husband has yet to come home, she is beginning to worry and fear that something has happened to her husband. This foreshadows her husband’s death and her fear that something bad has happened is right.
Once her fear that something has happened to her husband has gotten the best of her, she takes off for the neighbors’ house to see if they have seen Mr. Bates around. Mrs. Bates goes to the Rigley’s house to ask Mrs. Rigley if she has seen Mr. Bates. Mrs. Rigley has not seen Mr. Bates, but she offers to go get her husband to see if Mr. Rigley has seen Mr. Bates. Mr. Rigley arrives and worries that something has happened to Mr. Bates because the other miners left him alone to finish a job, so Mr. Rigley rushes Mrs. Bates home so he can go check on his workmate. On the walk to Mrs. Bates house, Mr. Rigley warns her to watch out for the “…ruts in the entry…” because she could fall and accidentally hurt herself (Broadview). Mr. Rigley warning Mrs. Bates of the accidental harm that

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