Old Man and the Sea: Parable of Man's Struggle with Natural Forces

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Old man and the Sea: Parable of Man's Struggle with Natural Forces

The "Old man and the sea" is about ‘life', which is the finest and most ambitious thing for a parable to be about. Hemingway has written about life: a struggle against the impossible odds of unconquerable natural forces in which-given such a fact as that of death-a man can only lose, but which he can dominate in such a way that his loss has a dignity, itself the victory.
Santiago is Hemingway's code hero who illustrates the values of life that Hemingway cherished and glorified all his life-courage, dignity, honour, conscientiousness, dedication, endurance. A man may grow old and be wholly down on his luck, but he can still dare, persist when he is defeated or thwarted,
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Thus the novel becomes an epic metaphor, a contest between man and all those forces which stand in the way of the attainment of his goal.
The novel is a long story designed to teach a moral lesson. It has a message of paramount significance to impart to the world torn by violence and bewildered by moral chaos. It is the story of a man who remains undefeated in the face of suffering and death, a man who does not depend on heavenly succor but relies on himself in order to assess his manhood, a man who seeks his own salvation not in a particular religion but in the fulfillment of his appointed task with utmost will, exactness and excellence at his command, a man who abandons attachment to the fruits of action with an even mind in success and failure, gain and loss, victory and defeat, a man who successfully harmonizes the forces of violence and love hitherto remained separated, a man who can be broken but not defeated against the odds of life and nature. It teaches us that man is alone against nature, his aloneness does not mean his littleness or

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