Essay on Old Smoke

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Old Smoke
Dustin McCabe

Old Smoke
Employee rights arise from federal and state laws that overtime, have established various rules that govern the employer – employee relationship (, 2011). It includes the right to privacy and freedom from discrimination based on age, gender, race, national origin or religion (, 2011). Having employee rights ensures equal opportunity for all employees, as well as, it makes the employee feel comfortable in their work environment. Protecting employees rights benefit both the employees and the business by limiting the misunderstanding that may occur in the work place. I In this paper, I will explain how I would handle the
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Because she had not brought the order of old smoke smell to his attention before and because the company has followed all the laws that are set by the state and the state has no reference to the smell of old smoke; there is nothing he can do at the moment. Also he has to take into consideration the employees that do smoke.

Describe the policy on smoking that you would recommend to Redwood Associates. If Redwood Associates is going to allow employees to smoke within the building, they should have a designated area where the smokers can complete their duties without offending non-smokers with cigarette smoke or stale smoke odor while maintaining their productivity and still be able to smoke. Alice and Frank should be put in a separate office that is well ventilated and with windows if possible. Redwood Associates should have the file room painted in order to get rid of the old smoke smell. Taking these step will help with moral of other employees as well as the production in the work place.
In Florida, for example, the law prohibits smoking in all enclosed indoor workplaces (except private residences and bars). I would recommend that Frank and Alice smoke outside the office in a designated allocated for smoking. It is not healthy for employees or anybody to inhale second hand some. Using my job as an example all smokers have to go outside and smoke no matter whether conditions, to avoid harmful

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