On Course Journal Entry 3 Essay

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Tawanda Jackson
Success Strategies
June, 24 2014
Journal Entry 3

Part 1.
One thing I enjoyed learning most was the true cultures of African Americans. Including insight on African Spirituality, the values of Melanin, and the miseducation of blacks in America.

Part 2.
A. How did you gather information or skills needed to learn this?
In the beginning, I went to the library and gathered as many books as I could on African Americans and the culture of Africa. Some book titles I read included; The Miseducation of the Negro by. Carter G. Woodson, Nigger by. Dick Gregory, The Memoir of Dick Gregory by. Dick Gregory, Slavery by Another Name by. Douglas A. Blackmon, The Autobiography of Malcolm X by. Alex Haley, and Stolen Legacy
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F. What feedback did you use to determine how well you learned this?
When I discussed my new found knowledge with others who were already well aware of my enlightenment. They were quite fascinated with my learnings in such short period of time. Some people didn’t believe me, but those are the closed minded individuals who are content with what they were taught in the American education system about their ancestors just being nothing more than slaves.

G. How did you feel when you engaged in learning this?
At first I was filled with anger and disappointment. Then, I found balance in it as I do in everything. Know I’m actually glad that they chose us. I feel so alive, empowered, conscious, and mindful now, the list can go on and on. Just so many emotions! So many volumes of life have taken over me that I have a totally new found perception.

H. What are the rewards for learning this?
There are an astonishing deal of rewards in regard to this lesson, including knowledge of self being my number 1 gain. I got closer to myself and my spirituality, discovered my destiny in the mist of it all by coming into visualization of what I want to do with my life. I can go on in a great abundance on what this topic has taught me and brought forth into my life. I can truly say I am grateful for the experience and I wish to enlighten others so they come into realization of who they are and what they mean to

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