Organization of the Police Department Essay

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Police departments have tasks of organization that is divided according to purpose, area and time. Work Assignments are given to certain groups that are divided amongst the department and have a distinct purpose that is unique from the other groups. For example; a police detective performs certain duties that are distinct from that of a patrol officer and vice versa. Each division has their own purpose to achieve certain functions within the department, to maintain effective functions within the police department. As well, area and time are also distinct among the departments. Police detectives work in different areas or have specific duties at certain times or in a certain place, than that of a patrol officer who has a specific area and …show more content…
Area The importance of area in the police department is the role they play for being responsible for a particular area. The geographic areas can be divided as precincts, posts or beats and zones or sectors. The size of these areas depends on the size of the police department (Dempsey, 2005). The larger they are the more divisions they have and the same is true for smaller departments. In fact, patrol officers are given particular areas to cover when on assignment so as not to cross other patrol officers areas or patrol out of their jurisdiction. ‘These boundaries act as organizational borders that, by their nature, create distinct and relatively independent communities within the infrastructure of the police organization’ (Hassell, 2007). However, some areas can be covered by other neighboring precincts in joint efforts. In addition, area is also important to the organization of the police department by maintaining control of that area and keeping it crime free and manageable. For example, we have six patrol officers that need to cover the City of St. Mary's, Georgia. In order to do this the officers can be divided into three teams of two to cover the entire city or each officer could be assigned their own area to patrol. The size of the city decides on how many beats or zones are needed. So, since this city is rather small, the patrol officers

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