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Apple's Corporate Culture: 10 Lessons for Staying in Steve Jobs' Good Graces
News Analysis: Apple's top iPhone executive has left the company over reports that he didn't fit into Apple's corporate culture. So, maybe it's time for a review of what Apple's culture is really all about.
The announcement that Apple Senior Vice President Mark Papermaster left Apple sent shockwaves through the tech industry. Papermaster came to Apple from IBM after the companies waged a short-lived battle over exactly when he could start working at the hardware company.
After that, he took over the iPhone and iPod Touch and, at least to outsiders, did a fine job of delivering products that consumers wanted. His departure from Apple was very much a surprise.
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It's not always easy, but Apple seems to get it right every time. If an employee doesn't help the company do that, he might end up with another company sooner than he thinks.
2. Believe in Jobs
Apple is an interesting firm. Its corporate culture extends beyond its employees to its consumers. So, what it expects from its employees, it also expects from its customers. One of the most important things it expects is for both stakeholders to believe in Steve Jobs. Over the past decade, Jobs has been Apple's savior. He has helped the company revive its aging business model, innovate beyond all expectations and deliver some of the better products on the market. Sometimes, that belief in Jobs can go too far, as evidenced by the most recent iPhone antenna debacle, but for the most part, believing in Steve Jobs has been good for Apple and good for both employees and consumers.
3. Forget everything that came before it
When employees come to Apple, they are expected to immediately do one thing: forget everything they ever knew about the technology world. Apple does everything differently. Whether it's the design of products, how it goes about devising ideas for new products or simply the way it carries itself, everything is different at Apple. To pretend like something is similar to a past employer is a mistake that could cause more trouble than it's worth. Apple is different.
4. Believe Apple is better than all others
Apple has an

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