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Write a speech to a hsc student about human condition in Othello. Give reference to one character and one theme.

For centuries, William Shakespeare has captured the hearts of men and women with his tragedies. His plays explore human existence and raise questions about what it means to be human; allowing the audience to relate to his characters despite the era in which the play was produced. Good morning students, today I am going to discuss what role the human condition plays in the plot of Shakespeare’s play, Othello.

In ‘The tragedy of Othello: the Moor of Venice’, Shakespeare probes into the human condition by creating characters who present distinguishing qualities of human emotion such as jealousy. It is a tale revolving around
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Othello wrestles with the idea of Desdemona’s infidelity, and Iago is the driving force behind this insecurity.

Shakespeare creates the nature of the Moor to be noble, confiding, tender and generous; but once being roused by a sense of his wrongs, is not stopped by considerations of remorse or pity until the release of all that which fueled his rage and despair. In doing this, Shakespeare reveals how human nature involves rapid changes of feelings and emotions.

Othello’s conversations with Desdemona, the persuasion of her guilt and the immediate proofs of her duplicity seem to inflame Othello’s resentment of her, but in the final scenes of the play, the recollection of his love returns and he forgets his wrongs in the sense of his loss. He says ‘My wife! My wife! What wife? I have no wife Oh, unsupportable! Oh heavy hour!’ His remorse becomes as dreadful as his revenge has been and his farewell speech is equal to his first speech in which he courted her.

It is in working Othello’s noble nature up to this extremity through these transitions and painting the conflicting emotions of jealousy and remorse that Shakespeare develops a deep investigation of the human heart. He unfolds the strengths and weaknesses of human nature by putting in motion the various impulses that

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