Over the Past 20 Years, Commercial Influences on Scientific Research Have Become Increasingly Detrimental. Discuss

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Over the past 20 years, commercial influences on scientific research have become increasingly detrimental. Discuss

Undoubtedly, the links between commercial sectors and science have increased over the past two decades. Where universities and research institution used to be generally independent, increasing opportunities for short-term profits have led to more commercial pressure on these bodies. Despite the fact that there are some advantages of scientific development with funding from the private section, it will be seen that scientists are now experiencing some concerns.This essay will discuss negative commercial influences on scientific research, with a particular focus on priority for short-term profits, the lack of ethical
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But the lack of trial and test may result in fail or worse consequences.

In addition, it is clear that commercial interests lead to science is losing its ethical standards. At present, science hardly serves the public interests and direct at economic gain. But even more serious is that some scientists do not or cannot report negative scientific results against their funders. These results may do harm to the public interest, like the health implications of smoking, or the possible dangers of genetic engineering. According to Nancy Olivieri, who found a drug was highly toxic when she had been undertaking a research. But her sponsoring company prevented her from reporting this result ( Ho & Saunders, 2001). Because of commercial interest, funders spread misleading and false information to the public so that people’s interests may be damaged. Overall, some current scientific researches under commercial influences are obviously losing their ethical standards.

Besides, commercial influences on science result in recent researches hardly serve the public interest. It is true that the purpose of science should be promoting development and improving living standard of people. However, some scientific researches are no longer being done in the public interest now. For instance, engineering department excessively concentrate on

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