P1: Present the Initial Business Idea Using Relevant Criteria

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P1: Present the initial business idea using relevant criteria

Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing to tell you about my new business plan. My new business plan is called Treasurable Treats, it’s a Dessert Buffet Bar and it will be located in Slough Highstreet. The aims of my business are to survive the first year of trading, my unique selling point (USP) is that this buffet bar is completely different to any other dessert restaurant.
The demands for my business are that I want it to be high demand; every day people visit the local Highstreet to work, shop and to eat, and I think that people will come and have desserts and this will show that my business will be successful and being successful will make other people come to the shop and make
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People that are unemployed won’t be able to treat themselves because they won’t have that much money and spending power. Also in the summer people will want to come buy ice cream and that will make the shop full of customers, however in the winter customers won’t come because it will be cold and people wouldn’t come, but to resolve this
The external influence that can affect my idea is that when its winter, people may not come to the shop and buy things because it will be cold and people tend not to go out after work to get something to eat, but my business will do home delivery to resolve this problem. Also another external influence can be the recession, people might go out and buy desserts that are expensive, and to resolve this problem I will have good and reasonable prices that everyone can afford to pay.

What I will get out of creating a business is that I will let people know that I can achieve something that people wouldn’t expect me to do in my life and I will be proud to own a business which will be successful.
The advantages of creating a business like mine is that I can be my boss, I get all the profit, I can do the as many hours as I want but I won’t have any time off if I wanted to. I don’t have to follow someone else’s rules.
The drawbacks of creating a business

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