Essay on P1 Unit 19

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I will be talking about the different types of teams and the benefits organisation have in when working in a team.
Virtual- teams that are separated by location, so they work together remotely using the internet and technology. The way that a team would need this would be if for example if a group needed to go to London and they had some of their members working in Wolverhampton then they would need to use the internet and things such as face time, skype etc.
Cross function- people from different function (departments) in a business come together to work as a team for a project. Therefore it is a temporary team. The way that a team would use this in a team is only if you are working on a project and then you will get put with people
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In other words they would be more pragmatic because they will evaluate the input and seeing if it’s achievable and realistic.
Finally the most crucial thing to have in each team is the team leading and specialist roles. In relation to Meredith Belbin’s research; the role suited to the team leader would be the coordinator because this role would consist of qualities where you would delegate effectively, clarifying goals, mature and confident. The qualities are required for a team leader as they will need to lead by example and delegate effectively; by having these qualities there wouldn’t be much conflict within the team and the work rate will be quite high. However the specialist role consists of an individual being dedicated, self-starting and will provide knowledge and skills in rare supply. This will mean that the specialist will be an independent worker who will also bring knowledge and skills to the team which will be needed whilst trying to achieve a goal.

The results from my team working skills questionnaire is shown above, these will be used to discuss and explain what my strengths and weaknesses are when taking part in a team building activity. Firstly from this I am going to analysing how my strength’s helped me conduct a teambuilding activity with my team member, during the activities just like it shows in the results I am

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