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Essay I Draft Analysis of Cathedral

28 September 2010

Dr. Michelle Brown

Analysis of Cathedral [[descriptive title? 12-point font, not bold]]

I am fortunate that each morning I wake up, look around, and am able view the world around me. Most of us take our vision for granted. Others, like the narrator, in the Raymond Carver short story, Cathedral, not only take their vision for granted, but look with prejudice on people with this disability or any disability. Too often we have a preconceived notion of how we feel about individuals before we really get to know them. The narrator only knew of Robert from the stories his wife had told him, and the poems she had
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(I like how you give several examples of the references the narrator mentions) Again the narrator could not relate to the fact that the man was blind and, therefore, the ride on the right side or the left side of the train would not have made a bit of difference since there were no sights to be seen. The final realization we get of the narrator’s uncomfortable situation is when he turns on the television and once again receives a look from his wife. (Elaborate more)Even though from the beginning the narrator could not come to terms with trying to entertain a blind man in his home, how ironic that something as simple as the television would actually lead to the narrator coming to terms with Robert and his disability. (Nice insight!)

In today’s society how often do we hear in normal conversations that people are uncomfortable when faced with situations of physical or mental disabilities? We often don’t want to approach someone or something that takes us out of our comfort zone. We look upon these encounters as unpleasant events that we would rather simply avoid. Most of this is due to our seemingly perfect view of the world and everything around us because we are not personally faced with any of these adversities.(maybe shorten or separate this sentence, it threw me off a little) We react basically the same as the narrator; being very uncomfortable, and not knowing exactly want to do in the given

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