Paper Towel Absorbency

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Paper towels were introduced for kitchen use in 1931 by the Scott Company and are one of the most versatile paper products. They are made from wood pulp which is then bleached to make them white. Resin is added to increase the paper's strength and the implicated water is then removed, allowing the fibers to bond and form paper sheets. Two layers are combined to create moisture-absorbing air pockets, and shapes are pressed into the paper to further improve absorbency.
Some additional steps used to increase absorbency are creping and embossing. Creping gives the towel extra flexibility and creates more openings for liquid to be absorbed and embossing
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(Unknown, 2009)
The purpose of this experiment is to see to compare the absorbency properties of two brands of paper towels by measuring the amount of water each can absorb. I became interested in the absorbency because of all the advertisement wars on paper towel absorbency.
My hypothesis is that Viva will absorb more liquid then Kroger Value. I base my hypothesis on research that has been conducted by others and the claims made through advertising.
The materials that will be used in this experiment are: a) one roll of Viva, b) one roll of Kroger Value, c) one stop watch, d) one measuring cup, and e) one beaker.
Independent Variables:
Brand A – Viva Paper Towel
Brand B – Kroger Value Paper towel Dependent Variables:
The amount of water left in the measuring cup.
Controlled Variables:
Measurement of liquid (60mil)
The size of each paper towel Experiment:
Put 60mil of water in a measuring cup. Submerge a folded towel in the water for 10 seconds. Remove the towel. Measure the amount of water remaining in the measuring cup to determine the amount of water removed from the measuring cup by the paper towel. The greater the amount of water removed from the measuring cup, the more absorbent the towel. Results: This experiment was conducted to see which paper towel Viva or Kroger Value would be the most absorbent. The results of the experiment show that Viva was the most absorbent. It absorbed on

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