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Lead Your Tribe to Success


Five tools for surviving the concrete jungle.
By Micheal J. Burt and Colby B. Jubenville

“Zebras and Cheetahs”

“Zebras and Cheetahs”

You have likely watched one of many popular survival shows where people are dropped into a wilderness with little equipment, and it’s up to them to survive until they reach safety. Along the way, they must fashion tools to make survival possible
So, what does your work have in common with these survival shows? It can often feel like you’ve been dropped into an inhospitable environment (the global economy) with few ready-made tools, and you must get yourself, and your whole tribe, to safety.
You need to be a certain type of leader to plot a
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You need to infuse your tribe with focus and emotion to be the sales leader or best service provider in the area. To ensure employees stayed emotionally connected, hold celebrations at certain sales milestones.
2. Empower with excellence through good goal-setting. We live in a goal-obsessed society. So why do we end up lowering so many goals—or not achieving them at all? Randomly set goals rarely work because they don’t have emotional staying power. Our follow-through is vulnerable to external variables, moods, or momentary circumstances. Good goals are clear, specific, measurable, and linked to your dominant focus. Such goals work because we can break them down into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily increments of progress.
They are explicitly connected to a dominant focus—your passionate purpose. They organize efforts toward daily activities that concentrate on things like sales processes and customer service activities, which are systematically connected to organizations’ dreams. Because they’re loaded with an emotional pull, these good goals allow people to do more of the things they want to do and less of the things they feel forced to do.
3. Create the scoreboard. People play harder when there’s a scoreboard, when—eventually—a clear winner and loser will emerge. You can build a scoreboard using these

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