People Who Eat At A Fast Food Restaurant Essay examples

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Family/pg. 442: two or more people who consider themselves related by blood, marriage, or adoption.
Most people do not really pay attention to the fact that our families have a great impact on the types of foods we eat. For the most part, yes, our food choices are our own, but our family and people around us also influence the types of things we eat. If we are with people who want to eat at a fast food restaurant, we are likely to join them even if we would not ordinarily eat from such locations. The video showed a mother who had to feel her family on a relatively small income, so often times she would get inexpensive fast food. She was falsely under the impression that this food had health benefits for not just herself, but her husband and children also. After being further informed, she realized the types of foods they had been ingesting rather frequently were in fact a great health risk. Her decision to feed this food to her family could have caused immense health issues. Another woman fed her very young son a hamburger that unknowingly had e coli in it, and ended up killing her son. No, she is not to blame for her son’s death, but it is an example of how one’s family’s food choices can impact our own food choices. It is not just indulging in fast food that family members are likely to emulate. If one member of a family eats healthily, it is more likely that other members of that family will start partaking in healthy eating habits than if no one in their close…

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