Performance Feedback Essay example

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Case 3 “Performance Feedback Now and Then” page 523 of your text. Please answer question 1,2,3,4, and 5. Answer not to exceed 4 pages. Use bullet responses where appropriate. Provide feedback continuously and address/manage performance problems when they occur. 1. Set performance goals, make development plan with employee 2. Monitor employee progress toward goals. 3. Provide coaching, training, education as needed 4. Conduct annual performance appraisal against goals and develop plan activities 5. Establish a development plan for next year or next period of time.
Develop improvement strategies and problem solving.
The performance review is for the following: 1. Give employee opportunity to discuss
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Ensure performance management supported by senior managers 10. Plan follow up activities, expected out comes and timetables.

It was determined in the vetting process, that Ms. Kopalski was a good fit for the organization, had potential for success and was well qualified for this position based on her experience and her education. It is now time for Ms. K’s performance review. This is an opportunity to reflect and plan for the future of her career and as well as the organization. In preparation for the meeting, Ms. Turtle reviewed the job description and obtained feedback from some of Ms. Kopalski’s colleagues and direct reports. On three occasions, there were unexpected reports about Ms. Kopalski’s performance. To personally prepare for the review, Ms. Turtle would integrate a performance management system to integrate the appraisal with other systems to align Ms. Kopolski with the organizational goals. In order to provide constructive feedback and offer support, education and training to retain Ms. Kopalski and assist her in her professional growth while attaining the organizational goals of the Englewood system . In today’s market, performance management is carried out constantly and Ms. Turtle should have been providing continuous feedback to address and manage positive and negative issues as they occurred.
This meeting is an opportunity to reflect on the past months and make plans for the future. They can discuss

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