Personal Leadership Model Essay

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The society and public need rules and regulations to maintain the peace and regular developments of the general public. However, there are many of the things could not be implement with laws or regulations to ensure people behave in the correct ways. Therefore, the ethics are used to ensure that people should behave in the proper attitudes and behaviors. Business ethics are the ethics are to ensure moral guidelines which govern good business behaviors, such ethics applied to various field of business managements (Ferrell, O. C., & Ferrell, L. 2011) . For instance, the decision making processes of BOD would consider the ethical effect of the decision made and implemented without harming any of the individual around and
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L. 2010). However, there are some of the major ethical concerns and issues within supply chain management of organizations that draw attention of most of people and world organizations, and they are as well:

2.1 Environmental Damage Issue
The supply chain management system of an organization is an entire processes of how products been produced and to the delivery of products to the end consumers and users. However, during the processes and activities of supply chain management, many of the activities that actual give the environmental damages and pollutions. For instance, the production and manufacturing processes are not only produces products, but also produce toxic airs, chemical liquids and chemical rubbish that could largely harms and pollutes the air, water and soil of the environments (Tarí, J. J. 2011). From many research conducted earlier, the severe expansion of businesses lead to the greater environmental damage, and thus many of the advanced countries’ governments encourage its companies and organizations to build their manufacturing and production facilities to overseas countries as to protect the domestic environments.

2.2 Right Issue
Individual rights should be recognized by any people and authorities. As humans have their basic rights to speak, live and

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