Persuasive Essay to secede from England

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The Thirteen Colonies Need to Secede from the British Empire

As woman who has lived in the Colony of Georgia all of my 17 years, I strongly believe we should declare independence from Great Britain. Great Britain has placed unconstitutional taxes on us, both internal and external. The intolerable acts were used to try to control everything we do, and allow that royal officials are exempt from their own trials by moving the trials elsewhere, so witnesses could not testify. If we secede from Great Britain we can have our own laws and our government. My entire life I have worked hard to help my family earn money, and I have made handmade clothes, cloth, shoes and more when we boycotted British goods. The Stamp Act and Townshend Act have
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These acts were placed on us as a direct response to the Boston Tea Party. They are the Port Act which closed the Boston harbor to all ships, the Massachusetts Government Act which completely changed the government of the Massachusetts colony and has caused a fear in Georgia that the British will also alter our government. Another one of the Intolerable Acts is the Administration of Justice act which allows the British governors to move the trials of royal officials! Though the trips of all the witnesses are paid for, most witnesses cannot afford to leave their work so the accused (and sometimes guilty!) officials get away untouched. The Quartering Act affected all of the colonies, and tried to create a better way to house British troops in America. In a previous act, the colonists had been required to provide housing for soldiers, but people in the colonies had been uncooperative. The new Quartering Act allowed the governor to house soldiers in other buildings and private dwellings by force if other quarters were not provided. Some loyalists may argue that a royal soldier would never get a fair trial in a town full of patriots, but this is not completely true, towns are full of both loyalists and patriots and the soldiers will be given a fair trial. The British Empire have just won the French-Indian-War, are deeply in debt, have a shortage of soldiers worldwide, are desperate

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