Pete Rose Should Be Allowed Into the Hall of Fame Essay

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Who Makes the Final Decision? There are many questions that go through a Major League Baseball fan of the Cincinnati Reds. The most important question that is on every Red's fan mind is why Pete Rose should be allowed into the Hall of Fame? Most players that have been inducted in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame such as, Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, and everyone else were inducted for their pitching or baseball playing ability. Therefore, the main idea of being accepted into the Hall of Fame would be how well each player performed on the field during their career. When the baseball commissioner in 1989 "Bart Giamatti barred Pete Rose from baseball after an investigation found that he was guilty of betting" on baseball, what gave the …show more content…
He played for a whopping 24 straight years, which is another all-time league record. These 24 years outdid even the great Hank Aaron, Ernie Banks, and Rod Carew. Rose played major roles on the three championship years that he had. Rose and his teammates earned three World Series championships, whereas Ernie Banks, a member of the Hall of Fame, was never able to win one.
However, the evidence against Rose is difficult to refute, and there exists no evidence in support of the legendary slugger. Since Rose's banishment, an ongoing debate has been sparked: should Pete Rose be eligible for entry into the Hall of Fame? The question is remarkably complex, yet there exists an answer. Pete Rose deserves to be recognized in Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame. His credentials are three times those of other players in the Hall of Fame, baseball's tribute to the elite class of ballplayers that raised baseball to a new level. Rose's wrongdoings have earned him sufficient punishment; his banishment from baseball prohibits Rose from working in any facet of Major League Baseball, from media to the manager, for the rest of his life. But Rose's wrongdoings do not delete his amazingly vast accomplishments as a player.
Bart Giamatti made it clear that Rose was forever banished from baseball and he will never have another chance. When Pete Rose was place on the ineligible list in 1989,

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