Physics Lab Report Impulse Essay

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Impulse and Momentum Lab

Part I:

As the first lab of the Physics 2 curriculum, our class completed a lab experiment that introduced us students to a new concept that would be a foundation to the future topics that we learn in this class. In this lab activity, we used a lab cart on a flat track to compare the collision of the cart with a force sensor with and without the plunger during different trials. The materials that we would need for this activity are a lab cart on a flat track, a timer, a force sensor, and a Ti-Nspire Calculator. The Ti-Nspire Calculator was connected to the force sensor in order to track and create data that would be shown in graphs on the calculator. Because we had to compare the collision of the cart with
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Next, by using these graphs, I found the peak force of both runs and after discovering the peak forces; I found a noticeably different amount of force between these runs. The peak force for run one was 12.64 N, and the peak force without the plunger was 19.49 N. Although there is a great difference between these two numbers, it does make sense because the plunger causes the cart to hit the force sensor with more of a cushion and absorbed much of the energy when colliding into the censor, which makes the direct impact with the force sensor less than a direct impact of the cart with the flat side. Later we calculated the impulse of both of these trials using the Ti-Nspire Calculator, which named impulse as the “integral.” In order to calculate the impulse, we used the calculator and calculated the area of the graph for each graph. The impulse of run one was 0.947 Ns and the impulse of run two was 0.584 Ns. As a class, we came to a conclusion that the impulse of the cart with the plunger was larger than that of a cart without the plunger. Lastly, we used our previous calculations (impulse and duration of impact) in order to calculate the average force of the run. The formula to find average force is impulse divided by duration of impact. The average force of run one was (0.947/0.12s) 7.89 N, and the average force of run two was (0.584/0.06s) 9.73 N. Moreover,

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