Plant Growth Biome Lab Report Essay

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Plant Growth Biome Lab
Background: This investigation involves with dependents of plants around the world growing constantly. Recently, plants have been growing at a slow rate without any sunlight. According to scientists, plants are now growing without light and effects the development stages. The longer the measurement of the seeds to bloom, the longer the estimating growth rates between 2 weeks to 2 months to evolve.
Scientists are pointing out saying that plants will grow rapidly without sunlight. The plants are supposed to grow with photosynthesis and respiration. Without any of the plant’s steps, then the plant will not grow correctly. For the research question, how changes the concentration of plant growth effect on different biomass and temperature in different locations. There is information about how plants grow on a regular basic from 2 weeks to 2 months including an article on the plants growing without light control.
Research Question: How does changing the concentration of plant growth effect in different biomass and temperature in different locations?
1) The hypothesis for this lab was if the amount of sunlight effects the plant, then each type of plant will grow at a faster pace.
Dependent variable: The type of plants
- The type of plants in this experiment are different types of plant from the United States. Some plants have different shapes and sizes of the plants’ growth while others do not.
- By measuring each flower, I will be…

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