Prejudice and Homosexuality Essay

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Prejudice and Homosexuality

Gays? Who are gays? What discrimination do they face? Well, gays are just people who are sexually attracted to someone of the same sex. According to the author, Richard D. Mohr, gays are subject to widespread discrimination in employment and government are leading offenders. For example, gays/lesbians are not allowed to serve in the armed forces, CIA, FBI, national security agency, or the state department. Yes, I do agree with the author but, the author wrote that in 1994, things have changed. Yes, gay were or are subject to widespread discrimination but people are getting more and more accepting as time goes by. For example, in September 2011, homosexuals in the United States are allowed to serve in the
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This just shows how this way of distinguishing morality isn't always right.

The author also stated about religion. The connection between homosexuality and religion. It is claimed that the bobble states that homosexuality is"contrary to nature". Basically they are saying that gays are unnatural. First of all, to me, they aren't. However, even if they are, it doesn't make them bad or harmful. I like the research where Mohr talked about, which was about how the condemnation of homosexuality in the Old Testament was just a way of tarring with the Israelites who happen to support homosexuality.

Mohr also said that people try to justify societies treatment by saying that gays are unnatural. Again, being gay isn't unatural but even if it is, it doesn't mean it's bad and has to be stopped. Come to think of it, most of the thing that a good in life are unnatural, so if we were to be against everything that is unnatural, we would be against ourselves. We live in an unnnatural world. A basic example would be females with underarm hair. That's natural but people find it disgusting and would like it more if they shaved which is unnatural. mohr also stated that some people try to strengthen their point by saying that the genitals are designed for the purpose of procreation. First of all, as if heterosexual people only use their genitals for reproduction. The existence of condoms only strengthens my point.

In the article, Mohr stated

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