Proctor & Gamble Essay

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Proctor & Gamble

1. In our opinion, we think the answer about product life cycle is not absolutely correct. It is depend on product’s characteristic. 3C product such as eeepc (asus’s product, netbook) have quite short product life cycle; Rolex watch have been established more than 200 years. So if marketers want to extend product life cycle, they have to do more afford on survey to realize consumer behavior and satisfy their really needs and wants. When the product’s sales shows that it is on the decline stage, marketers should find the new desire on consumers and reposition, modify their product or marketing strategy, It is gain brand loyalty and equity to extend brands or products life cycle. Consequently, the “brand” makes its
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With the concepts of BSOD, Pampers has further introduced the step-by-step toy system. In the course of playing, the toys function as children friends. Besides changing the products, Pampers also establishes Pampers Parenting Network. On the websites, some experts have written professional articles on how to breed babies, how to help babies grow healthy, and so on. And all these articles are posted on the website as references for parents. Besides, the experts also provide professional responses to the problems parents have in the process of bringing up children.
(2) We think that P&G can use the same way to reposition Crest’s brand image to differ from its competitors, and let it have room for progress. For instance, P&G can reposition Crest as a product for healthy and beautiful smile, not just for the purpose of cleaning. In this way, consumers can have better looks and fulfill their mental needs by using the repositioned products.

3. To realize consumers’ needs, P&G has a consumer relationship management system. In the system, there are three key points of customer relationship management. One is to understand consumers’ need deeply, second is to build consumer service center, third is to value consumers’ suggestions. To understand consumer’s need deeply, P&G through depth interviews, focus group, questionnaire survey, visit

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