Professional Knowledge and Abilities Paper

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Professional Knowledge and Abilities Paper
GEN 200
University of Phoenix

Merit Microenterprise Organization is a great organization. This organization is one that loves to assist people with starting a business or the entrepreneurs in furthering their skills and training. It is also about helping people get the training they need to become successful business owners according to Merit. (Merit MicroEnterprise Helping Very Small Businesses Start, Grow and Prosper, 2010) Merit has programs and training curriculum that are available to the low-income, migrants, disabled, women and others who have a difficult time getting assistance for starting a business or knowing where or how to start. The trainings are at no
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This scholarship is available for two years and the advanced classes cover topics such as accounting, SBA loan information, advanced QuickBooks training, marketing and other important topics.
This help and training gives the people the strength and abilities to open their own business and to succeed. Without such training people can open a business and run it but they have a greater chance of failing and feeling overwhelmed without this support. Merit gives support and advice along with training and the tools to help them to be successful.
Once you completely and successfully complete the Merit courses and possibly the advanced courses as well; you have the tools to open a business and to be your own boss. Merit does not abandon its students but gives them further support in any area needed. All one has to do is contact their advisor and let them know what they need.
The tools and skills that are learned assist one in managing, budgeting and marketing. Running a business is hard and takes a lot of time. So much more time than what one realizes and without these skills it would be easy to give up and fail. It is either succeed or fail. Only the individual will know by going through these classes if they still desire to go further or if it’s not for them. Yes, one can go to a university to take business courses but not everyone can afford them or have that option and Merit gives this opportunity to the needy. Merit

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