Programs and Curriculum Planning Essay example

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Kawonda Starling
Programs and Curriculum Planning
ECE 312 Administrations of Early Childhood Ed. Programs
Instructor Tracy Reed
June 2, 2013

Early childhood education programs are formed by administrators coming together to form curriculums for teachers in the program to have as a guide to teach young children. For an example, each county has a board of education for the school system with administrators who form a curriculum for teachers to teach by; and administrators leads the teachers to make sure the teachers are teaching children based on the curriculum formed by the board of education. Child care centers usually form curriculums based around what program the center is accredited by through the state. For an example, here
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I also teach the children through lessons and circle time based around the time we have during the daily schedule and activities planned.
How your program will address the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of children in this age group (give specific curricular ideas for each area of development) as well as classroom management and the daily schedule Throughout the day I follow a daily schedule so that everything I do with the children stay on a routine. When my daycare opens at 6:30 am, breakfast is served to the children who did not eat at home until 8:30 am. At 8:30 am until 9:00am, the children are having a potty break and getting diaper changes. Due to me working with two years olds, I schedule at least six potty breaks and diaper changes periodically. The children and I do circle time every morning at 9:00am until 9:20am. Circle time is used in my child care setting to get children settled and organized for our morning activities. We also incorporate songs and creative movements, group sing a longs and finger play. At 9:20am I teach a lesson based off my lesson plan and guide the children through the morning activity. The lesson plans I design focuses on each of the developmental areas including Sensory and Perception, Personal and Social, Creativity and Arts, Physical, Cognitive, and Language and Communication. All children go

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