Project and Team Leadership Essay

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Assignment Two: “MS Project and Team Leadership” Veunanthe Dorlouis Professor: Dr. David Fountaine HRM 517 – Managing Human Resource Projects December 10, 2011

Write a memo that communicates the budget situation to the rest of the team. Memorandum
To: Team members of project1
From: Team leader of project1
Date: 12/10/11
Subject: Budget Depletion It has come to my attention that the budget plan for project1 has been depleted quicker than expected. As the team leader of project1, it is my responsibility to make sure that every aspect of project1 stays on tract. I also did some investigation as to which group is over using their budget. Even so my report is not conclusive and I will need to have each
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Plus, an effective team can help an organization achieve unbelievable results. A team that is not working can cause unnecessary disruption, failed delivery, and strategic failure. Therefore, I will suggest that in other to improve an underperforming team member, the focus should be on the person behavior and motivation. Sometimes a team member will start behave in a way that suggest a) the lack of the ability to perform the assign task or b) there is some change in the person personal life that overwhelmed his/her ability to function at full capacity at work. This is where the team leader’s perception, intuition, and training come into play. The name of the game is finding the root of the problem and nips it at the bud before it becomes a larger issue. The problem sometimes is that most managers and team leaders are afraid of giving an employee or team member some constructive criticism for not wanting to cause pain or embarrassment. The truth is very few people enjoy being an underperformer. If the team leader skillfully delivers some constructive criticism the employee finds the criticism easy to understand and easy to accept. Most of the time though, the employee is much less likely to have negative emotional reactions when he/she hear criticism focused on his/her behavior’s rather than on his/her personality. Moreover, many times a team member underperformed is because of the lack of motivation.

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