Essay on Public Services

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M1: Explain the importance of public service skills using examples from at least two contrasting public services.
D1: Evaluate the importance of public service skills in a specified service, in the UK.
Public Service Skills - Public service skills are a set of core skills that a person will need to have and build up to be effective in public services. They are also skills that any individual would discover useful during their working life.
The Ambulance Service – it is important in the public services because Ambulance services help many people with serious or life-threatening conditions. They also provide a range of other urgent and planned healthcare and transport services.
Communication - High-quality communication skills are very
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For example, verbal communication you would use if a person could not see, so you would use words or you could use equipment like radios in the ambulance service.
Visual communication - Visual communication is where writing or drawing pictures are used. For example, in visual communication you would use pictures to represent words to a person maybe who couldn’t speak. A method such as Makaton would be useful as this is a form of communication that involves pictures to symbolize words. This would be ideal to use for people who have hearing disabilities but not so ideal for people with sight difficulties in the ambulance service.
Professional and personal skills - Professional skills involves a number of skills that a person may already have due to their inheritance from their natural abilities but during a period of time could also develop and improve to their skills. The skills are:- * Punctuality/timekeeping * Pride of appearance * Behaviour
For example, in ambulance services people or recruits may already know some knowledge or skills that have been inherited but whereas they are in public services they ought to improve or expand on their own learning or skills.
Punctuality and timekeeping - Punctuality is where being on time is very important during work or anywhere anytime in your life. You’re not late; prompt. For example, if in ambulance

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