Punctuality Essay

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You look lazily at your clock, noting that it reads 9:30 A.M. Today you woke up not feeling the best that you can be. Dang, this is going to be a long day you groan to yourself as you roll over out of your very warm and inviting bed. It is made especially more difficult given that your girlfriend lies on the other side of it wishing your departure would not occur so quickly. However, it is yourself that knows the reason for why you are leaving; it is because the bills have to be paid somehow. She working two part time jobs to help in paying the basic bills like water, electricity, and all that food you two consume, especially given the fact that both of your friends come over, quite often, you note. And it is with your added efforts …show more content…
It is because you have a responsibility to own up for the actions you have taken so far in your relationship with your girlfriend, Jessica. Your car, your Xbox Live purchases, and even those stupid Bruno Mars albums from iTunes that Jessica loves for whatever reason, all add up real quickly. You tried to inform Steve of those minor details. Instead, he was late to his interview by 5 minutes and then used the age old ‘I was stuck in traffic’ excuse to his interviewer. The interviewer’s response burned into your mind and driving your determination, ring so true: “Mr. Preston, if you were more responsible for yourself, you wouldn’t have been late due to traffic.” Based on the story just given, we approach the focus of what drives ourselves in all things we do in our lives. Who would you rather be? Steve? Or rather, the responsible person taking care of his business? Everyone must be responsible for their own conduct. There is simply no way denying this. The United States is the prime example of this simple and easy concept. If you want to obtain things, you must work for them. In order to work for them, you must be responsible enough for others to trust you. Otherwise, you will face the consequences for not being a trustworthy and responsible person. No employer, especially given today’s job environment, is going to hire someone that they cannot trust or depend on. Yet, people are able to miss out on some of the most

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