Questions On Food Products And Food Foods Essay

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Ch 2: Avoid food products containing ingredients that are A) unfamiliar B) Unpronounceable C) More than five ingredients in number or that include D) High fructose corn syrup
a). Pollan says any food with these characteristics has crossed over from being a food to a food product. He thinks that food scientists’ attempts to make food more nutritious just make them more complicated, not necessarily better for you.
b). I chose this suggestion because I normally do not look at the ingredients, only the nutrition facts, of the food I pick out at the store. Sometimes I check to see if there is any food coloring but other than that I rarely check the ingredients of the food I eat. I buy things that I crave and want rather than things I actually need to stay healthy.
c) I will incorporate this into my life by carefully selecting the foods at the supermarket while I am home. I will make sure that the food I eat almost every day does not fall into any of the categories that Pollan presents in this suggestion. Occasionally I may have a food that breaks one of these characteristics but the majority of my food will be all pronounceable, familiar, five ingredients or less and does not contain HFCS. At school I will prep some meals that include familiar food and I will pick foods in the cafeteria that are simple, familiar and provide some sort of nutritional value despite not knowing how they are prepared.
Chapter 3: Eat Well Grown Food from Healthy Soils
a). In this section, Pollan…

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