Essay about Rain Forest Biome

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Rain forest Biome

The average rain fall a rain forest receives is 50 to 260 inches yearly (125-660 centimeters). Rain forest belongs in a wet climate. Its temperature does not go higher than 93 degrees (34 degrees Celsius) or drop below 68 degrees (20 degrees Celsius). The rain forests average humidity is 77%-88%. Almost all rain forests are near the equator. Half of all plant and animal species are in the rain forest. Tropical rain forests produce 40% of earth’s oxygen. ¼ of all plants in the rain forest creates medicine. 100-300 species are in the rain forest mostly in South America. That would be 2 and ½ acre (1 Hectare).

Rain forest Plants

There are more than 10 different
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This creates air and water pollution. Endangered Species in the Rain Forest
Animals are becoming either extinct or endangered of being extinct. That wouldn’t be good at all. The Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey is an endangered animal. Approximately 800 are living in this world. And the reason why they are endangered is because it’s their colorful fur. The most endangered animal is the gorilla. 80% said that those animals are extinct from human hunting, diseases, and destroying their habitat. Another animal that is extremely endangered is the Bengal tiger. This animal has less than 1500 species left of them. This is because it is from India, China, Bangladesh, Siberia, and Indonesia. They hunt the Bengal tigers with guns for their fur. One more animal that is becoming endangered is the Chimpanzee. It has suffered from human diseases such as malaria. Humans do drug testing on them and put them in zoos. This is a problem.
Abiotic Factors
One abiotic factor is the soil because it has very little nutrients. And it is an addict for trees and plants. Another abiotic factor is the climate, sunlight, water, precipitation, and weather. These are the abiotic factors of all rain forests around the world.
Native Plants and Adaptations
Some of the native plants are either extremely rare or easy to be found in everyday life. Some plants are large trees and their adaptations are blocking sunlight from the sun.

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