Read-Only Participants Essay

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Read-Only Participants: A case for student communication in online classes.

Online learning is conducive to that of the traditional onsite learning facilities. There are some students who fully participate in the experience as well as those who take their learning environments for granted. A summary of the required reading “Read-only participants: a case for student communication in online classes” will support the noted claim. The study was completed to measure the various behaviors of the online learner. The research gathered the behaviors of students participating the in a Master’s degree web-based curriculum through the University of Pretoria. Beaudoin is noted as one of the greatest contributors to this case study.
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The study used the mix methodology approach to evaluating the behavior of the participants. There could be several obstacles to the online learning environment. The online learner could be in a remote area where the internet connectivity issues could be astronomical, the online learner would experience power issues when accessing the internet, and a number of personal issues could arise during the online learner’s engagement to the program. It takes an assertive and dedicated student to overcome these obstacles and to remain focused during the online learning process. The case-study proved the more engaged the students were in the curriculum, the better their final individual evaluation. After reading the study, it was my conclusion that the authors wanted me to get a better evaluation of the online learner. The charts were great visuals to display the valuation of each studied category. The low-performing student or the student who spent little to no time in the forums would not benefit from others viewpoints and in the end would not have a clear understanding of the focused topic. The study also explained the theory of the lurker or one who simply read the other students post before forming their own individualized opinion of a topic. The average student is displayed as one who showed class participation but expressed little input during the discussion. Then there is the high performing student who took the

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