Reflection Paper for Leadership Class

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In today’s society the success of business and personal life of a person depends on the attitude and how he or she handles challenges of life and opportunities it may bring. One of the important things about working together rather it’s in a workplace, school setting, or family is to know what it takes to work successfully in a team. Excellent teamwork, collaboration, good communication, positive attitudes, and adaptable personalities assist in motivating people, greater self-confidence and increased self-esteem. All of these traits combined together provide an effective tool for the success in the work force, sports, extra curricular activities, and in a person’s personal life to name a few.
I participated in the DISC Behavioral
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It also lists I may need to contact people using a variety of modes and maintain an ever-changing, friendly, work environment.
I honestly do believe this assessment is very accurate with my leadership style that I do have. I always want a plan of action and want that plan carried out. I find that making decisions are easier when I know that others respect what I am trying to do. I want a stable, family-oriented environment. I feel like I have been in all situations, high and low, good and bad, and I have true empathy for those experiencing difficulties in any aspect of their lives. The assessment stated that I like to know what is expected of me in a working relationship and have the duties and responsibilities of others who will be involved explained as well. This is so, so true. Communication to me is huge. If everyone is on the same page, any and all obstacles can be overcome.
I enjoyed taking this assessment. It was quick and easy but listed and provided a lot of wonderful and helpful information. The way that it broke down the areas in which I was valuable to a team, organization, my do’s and don’ts of communicating, and then tips was superior to many other assessments that I have taken. This will encourage me to dig a little deeper and work on strengthening my

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