Relying on No One Essay

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Relying On No One
By: Derek Andritsis
Personal responsibility is the taking of responsibility of one’s own actions no matter the outcome. I think that everyone should have responsibility over something in their life. Everyone I know has done something and worried about it later. People should not rely on someone else to take care of what they should be doing. Those people have made these decisions due to having something to be responsibility about. I believe that everyone should have something to be responsibility over something in their life. Whether it is something really minor like an animal or something very major like a family. No matter what the responsibility is it teaches people how to care for themselves or others. I have been
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I believe if you just take your time, then good things will come to those who deserve it.

The most important reason I believe that everyone should have personal responsibility is to support yourself or your family. My family has to have both parents taking personal responsibility in supporting the family. Sometimes one of them could be doing even more like going back to school. My family has to eat, a place to sleep, or even be able to travel to the place they provide the service. Even though I have made a decision that takes me away for a long period of time sometimes it has not wrecked my family or myself. It creates an issue for the family to support its self and provide for everyone in it. When I was overseas it was hard to make sure my family has everything they needed and the help and care for the children. I personally had an issue with not knowing everyday that my family was ok with everything. I know they didn’t want to stress me out so that I can keep my head on straight to stay safe.

In conclusion, even though someone else can take care of everything, I believe that everyone should have personal responsibility. By not relying on anyone else to provide for them. Yes, I know that there are people that are willing to help my family. But I feel that if I don’t try do take care of them it can drive me nuts to worry about someone else doing it. But most importantly I have a family to support. Since I do have a family I have to look

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