Report on Talent Planning in Organisations Essay

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Human Resources Management

Resourcing Talent
Activity 1
” Report on Talent Planning in Organisations “

Factors that affect an organizations approach to attracting talent
Companies are offering attractive packages for educated and talented people who have interest it the role with in the company for example: * Pension – private pensions schames with in the company , retirement programs * Flexi time of work – where employee can chose when he is able to work once the work load is done by dead line time, giving opportunity for work life balance * Learning opportunities- the company gives ability to learn and develop skills PDP plan and also offering courses, or finance degree programs for employees in order to
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External factor could be: * Unemployment rate – where employer is setting the recruitment process at very high level and is looking for high qualified and skilled people because of amount of candidates more or less suitable for the role, to choose the best one, also salary offered can be lower because of economic situation. * Image of company- is company the employer of choice

Recruitment methods * Internal recruitment – Where company is preparing job specification and skills desirable and is looking for employee within the company who can take position offering promotion or transfer to different department * External recruitment – outsourcing where empoyer is advertising externally in newspapers, online the position he is seeking for with full job description and skills needed * Agancy recruitment- where employer is handing the recruitment proces to the recruitment agency paying fee for finding right candidate.

Selection methods * Interwiew- the most popular technique,the interview is great for information exchange between applicant and interviewer regarding an applicant's suitability and interest in a job the employer seeks to fill. Since interviews can be rather flexible, any missing pieces of information about an applicant can be collected at this time. * Test - If this is an important part of the role, it may be worth using a test, for example if some IT skills are needed for

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