Essay on Representation Of Play By Mary Rogers

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Representation of game characters still reflect the interests of men and their sexual fantasies. Academic, Mary Rogers refers to this as the male gaze; “the institutionalised outlook on women’s bodies that supposedly reflects the interests of heterosexual men”. It is controlling and assessing, thus belittling and intimidating women who don’t conform to the beauty standards of today’s contemporary society. Rogers notion of the male gaze can thus be applied to gaming. A study revealed that women represented only 1 in 4 characters, with the animation emphasising their unrealistic hyperfeminine bodies, which reflects the interests of the male gaze.The reasoning behind this hypersexualised portrayal of female game characters is understood through one gamers comments; “(sexualised female representation) is used to attract more males...create the typical girl; Big breasts, small thighs.” This standard is an unrealistic portrayal of women that reinforces a one-dimensional view of women’s bodies and teaches young women that femininity is associated with the sexualisation of women’s bodies and their subordination. Gamers also respond very differently to this portrayal of women. Male gamers have become normalised to the hypersexualisation of female characters, however most women have not. The ongoing experience of seeing women represented through the male gaze reinforces this portrayal of women to be social expectation, thus normalising a patriarchal culture of sexism.

The sexist and…

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