Research the Following Theorists and Explain How Their Theories Influence the Way That We Work with Children, Freud, Skinner & Watson, Maslow, Bandura and Piaget. D

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Research the following theorists and explain how their theories influence the way that we work with children, Freud, Skinner & Watson, Maslow, Bandura and Piaget.
Explain how frameworks to support development can be used to influence current practice.

Freud was an early writer about child development and went against the thinking of his time, in differentiating between the way that children and adults think, as many thought that children were empty vessels waiting to be filled up.
Freud describes child development as a series of psychosexual stages whereby the pleasure seeking ID becomes focused on certain erogenous zones and this psychosexual energy or libido is the sole force behind human behaviour. He examines how if at any
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Thus it does not necessarily follow that a punishment is viewed as negative in the eyes of the subject receiving the punishment.
Watson believes that the classroom should be a fun and attractive place to learn just as extra homework should never be given to a child as punishment as this would make work be associated with a negative.
He believes that a dislike of school is simply the effect of unattractive and cold schools as these would reinforce a phobia of school rather like his subject Albert’s in whom he conditioned a fear of rats which was later transposed onto similar items such as fur coats.
Watson believed that all behaviour is learned through associations and proposed that learning could be achieved by trial and error with errors being lost and correct answers then becoming more frequent. He advocates a scientific approach to learning whereby the teacher should employ problem solving in order for their pupils to experience frequent success, therefore reinforcing the behaviour through a positive association.

Edward L Thorndike looked further at Watson’s theories and concluded that punishment does not work as it teaches the child to employ other methods so not to get caught and it can also destroy the relationship and trust between teacher and pupil and create anger.

B F Skinner looked further into the effects of reinforcers on behaviour through his work with the Skinner box

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