Essay on Role of Youth in National Development

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My name is Ram Manohar. I am a farmer engaged in paddy cultivation as well as the Secretary of an Association of farmers. I come from Thirunellveli district in Tamil Nadu. About five kilometers from my farm land, a multinational company established a factory for producing soft drinks. The entire land around the factory to an extent of 10 was under paddy cultivation. The entire water requirement for the company was from bore wells in the company premises. It is understood from the employees of the company that each bore well is around 1000 ft deep. Since the establishment of the factory the water availability in the bore wells
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Please advise us.

Additional Information 1. I am sixty years old. 2. From time immemorial my family is engaged in paddy cultivation and Thirunelveli district is known as the rice bowl of Tamil Nadu. 3. I own fifteen acres of farm land. 4. The name of the company is Popsco. It is a Finnish company. 5. The company started functioning in India in the year 2005. 6. The company has 100 acres of land. 7. There are 40 bore wells in the factory premises. 8. I have three bore wells in my farmland and they have also gone dry. 9. The average depth of the bore well in the farm land of the area is 250 ft. 10. The Commission was appointed during July 2007 11. The Commission gave its report during March 2008. 12. The Commission found that the fertilizer contained high level of Cadium which has resulted in the reduced yield and that the farmlands have been contaminated. 13. The Commission also found that the water shortage was due to excess drawing of ground water by the factory. 14. The Commission found that the farm lands cannot be profitably cultivated for a minimum period of five years. 15. Fertilizers containing Cadium has been banned since 2003 in almost all parts of Europe. 16. The commission found that a minimum ten years period is required for sufficient increase in the ground water level. 17. The estimated loss of income of the farmers as per the

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