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Booknotes Ch 6.3-7 Nucleus:
Nucleus contains most genes in eukaryotic cells.
Nuclear envelope- encloses nucleus, separating contents from cytoplasm *double membrane *perforated by pores
Nuclear Lamina- netlike array of protein filaments. Mechanically supports nuclear envelope to keep its shape.
Nuclear Matrix- framework of fibers extending through nucleus
Chromosomes- carry genetic information. (DNA)
Chromatin- material making up chromosomes. *DNA+Proteins
Nucleolus- mass of density strained granvels and fibers adjoining part of the chromatin. *makes Ribosomes Ribosomes:
Ribosomes-made of ribosomal RNA and Protein, carry out protein synthesis
Free ribosomes- suspended in cytosol
Bound Ribosomes- attached to
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nisms or food particles
Macrophage- white blood cells that engulfs and destroys bacteria and other invaders Vacuoles:
Food vacuole- formed by phagocytosis
Contractile Vacuole- pumps excess water out of cell
Central Vacuole- contains cell sap membranes are selective Mitochondria and Chloroplasts:
-Convert energy to forms used by cells
-Mitochondria- sites of cellular respiration
-Chloroplasts- sites at photosynthesis
-Peroxisom- imports proteins from cytosol
-Cristae- inner foldings in the mitochondrion
-Mitochondial Mafrix- enclose by inner membrane
-Plastids- family of closely related plant organelles
-Thylakoids- flattened, interconnected sacs in the chloroplast
-Granum- stack of Thylakoids
-Stroma- contains chloroplast DNA + ribosomes + enzymes Cytoskeleton:
Cytoskeleton- network of fibers extending throughout cytoplasm
Motor Proteins- work with cytoskeleton and plasma membrane to move along fibers outside of cell *Bring bending of cilia and flagella by gripping microtubules Components of Cytoskeleton:
Microtubules- thickest of 3 types of fibers
Microfilaments- thinnest
Intermediate filaments- in between
Microtubules- hollow rods
Dimer- molecules made of Z subunits Centrisomes and Centrides:
Centrisomes- located near the nucleus, grows microtubules
Centrioles- composes of 9 sets of triple microtubules arranged in a ring Cilia and Flagella:
Microtubules- containing extensions that

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