Science And Religion : An Organized System Of Beliefs, Ceremonies, And Rules

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Science and religion have been a topic of controversy throughout the course of history. Are they intricately woven together as some might think, or more of a complex rivalry as others have come to believe?
What is religion? Religion is defined as an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or gods. In every belief, there is some form of higher power that protects us and guides us through our lives. According to the Hartford Institute of Religion, there are 217 different denominations in America, as of 2006; since then many more have been introduced into our society. A denomination is any religious organization whose congregations are united in their adherence to its beliefs and practices. Whether it be the Wiccan goddess Morrigan, Islamic god Allah, Jesus Christ for Christians, or even Gautama Buddha in Buddhism.
From the earliest of ages, we are molded into our parent’s faith. When we are born they have ceremonies like christenings, baptisms, dedications, and confirmations; all introductions into faith and religion. As we get older our parents repeatedly take us to services, mass, temples, etc., to bind us to that religion or faith. Considering the generational belief differences, this does not always occur; as adults we decide for ourselves to either follow the path that has been set before us as a child, or to make our own religious trek. No matter what the belief is; the Pew Research Center has estimated that fifty percent of the…

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