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Don Francis felt more passionately about the HIV disease research and helping patients than any of his coworkers.. It came as no surprise that the outburst at the blood bank industry came from Francis. At first I did not think his words would have an impact on the blood bank. However, as soon as he brought up the financial consequences of rejecting hepatitis testing for HIV, such as getting sued, the entire mood in the room changed. I felt myself secretly cheering him on throughout the entire movie and this scene was no different.
I was upset at the governments stand on the disease because they kept putting it off financially. There was never “enough money” to screen all the blood because it was never a pressing issue until it was too
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Assignment 4d: Silverlake Life: The View from Here

January 18, 2013 Brenda Cruz

Group leader: Linda

Therapies the movie showed available to HIV patients included pills, nebulizers, medicine, etc. There was one scene where Tom was packing what looked like dirt but was actually medicine into pills to take.
The KS lesions were initially very disturbing. At first I thought he had pneumocystis like the lesions in patients in And the Band Played on. The lesions just made me feel more sympathetic towards the couple.
When the hotel owner made Mark put his shirt on, it was one of the most angering events in this movie. Mark was clearly sick and the hotel owner did not want to upset or disturb her guests at the expense of hurting just one. Mark was already really insecure about the way he looks. Being told to put his shirt back on at a pool is nothing but embarrassing. He even went as far as referring to himself as “ugly me.” Events like this are the ones he was referring to when he said there was another side to being gay that made people commit suicide. I learned a thing

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