Essay on Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning

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Segmentation and Target Market

The company has determined Marlboro target market based on a multi-attribute segmentation model. The pattern of segmentation selected is homogenous segmentation based on the belief that all consumers of Marlboro have similar preferences on the dimensions of both taste as well as quality.

The bases on which this segmentation has been done are as follows:

Age and Life-Cycle Stage:

Marlboro targets to adults who have already taken the decision to smoke.. As its secondary target market it aims at the 30+ segments. According to Malboro it is the global brand in the world.

The target market includes all those individuals having a monthly income greater than or
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User Status:
Marlboro cigarettes markets can be segmented into nonusers, potential users, first-time users and regular users of cigarettes.

Usage Rate:
Markets are segmented in to heavy smoker, medium to light consumers. Marlboro cigarettes try to capture heavy to medium users of its product.

Marlboro cigarettes try to attract people with different attitudes with differing flavor.

Positioning Statement

“Marlboro cigarettes is a contemporary, up-beat brand of distinctive quality that offers me a rewarding Marlboro cigarettes experience every time, everywhere among the younger’s.” - This is the positioning statement that Marlboro cigarettes wants it consumers to relate to when they test it’s new flavor.

Core Values

The core values of the product are as follows:

Renewal: Smoking is a stimulating; uplifting product that makes an individual feels better as well as refreshed and recharged.

A sharing moment: me with some of my friends enjoy our special moment with the Marlboro cigarettes.

Positioning Strategies

Performance Differentiation: • Form: the look and design of the cigarettes. • Performance Quality: Marlboro cigarettes is accepted to be the world’s well branded cigarettes. • Reliability: consumers are willing to pay a premium price for Marlboro cigarettes as it is a

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