Essay on Self-Assessment and Reflection of a Visual Learner

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Self-Assessment and Reflection of a Visual Learner
Marcia Weaver
May 6, 2012
Denise Corso

In this paper, I take the reader through my search and the processes I went through as a visual learner to decide on my choice of instruction, online or traditional. I identify my strengths and highlight how I have used them in this course; uncover my weaknesses, and present strategies on what to adjust to accommodate them. I also analyze the sources of my preconceived notions about online learning, why they came about, how they affected me, how they relate to my learning style, what I have learned from them, and how I plan to move forward using the information gleaned from the analysis. It is my plan to use the discoveries I
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I have had no problems learning by mostly reading. I interpret course material using one of my strengths as a visual learner, which is to picture the scenarios presented in my head. I easily switched to digital highlighting, absorbing facts by categorizing through the use of color codes. I printed material that I accessed regularly, like the course syllabus, and marked important points with my own note-taking symbols to aid in retention. I filtered discussion posts in the online classroom by using flags and switching my thread view to flagged messages only to prevent me from getting distracted.
One thing I appreciate about online learning is that the online community focuses more attention on a person’s contributions regardless of physical appearance. In the virtual classroom, we are somehow more authentic despite not seeing one another.
Drago and Wagner (2004) state that online students are self-supporting individuals who are able, and choose to produce results by themselves instead of collaborating with others. I see this both as a solid characteristic as well as a potential obstacle. In an online learning environment, knowing how to work alone is advantageous. I produce my assignments with little or no help. However, I need to learn to work more openly and freely with others. Not only is this important because the university uses

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