Servant Leadership Scholarly Paper

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Servant Leadership: Developing and Empowering

Gerald A. Thomas

MSL6040-12C-5: Current Issues in Leadership

Professor Janice Spangenburg

08 November 2013

Servant leadership is a foreign concept to most companies and organizations, however, that’s not the case in the United States Air Force. The Air Force prides itself in maintaining its core values; “Integrity First,” “Service Before Self” and “Excellence in All We Do.” Today, we will focus on “Service Before Self” and “service” is the key word in the previous sentence. If leaders truly embrace this kind of thought process, there would be fewer concerns for the organizations they lead. Subordinates would believe that they are cared for, that the leaders assign value to them,
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d.) states that: “Leadership is the process of using social influence to organize a group of people toward common goals. Leaders point to the path to achieve goals and lead groups in order to accomplish objectives. Leaders may or may not have formal authority. According to the trait theory of leadership, certain human traits make people better leaders. Those traits said to be found in the most effective leaders are: intelligence, adjustment, extroversion, conscientiousness, openness to experiences, and general self-efficacy” (

What we can get from this statement by Spears is that first, the servant leader is not a throw rug. Subordinates and superiors just don’t walk all over this person; they respect and trust this person’s decisions and advice. Moreover, they believe that this person has a desire to build others up and not tear them down. This leader has a genuine concern for the people he or she serves, supervises, and follow. The servant leader is always looking out for the success of others; up, down and across the chain of command (leadership). After carefully defining the word leadership, I will now focus on how to best define what servant leadership really looks like.

When defining servant leadership, again, we will look at what Spears (n. d.) has to say about it. He states: “Servant leadership involves feeling responsible to the world and actively

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