Sex Ed for Adolescents Essay

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Sexuality Education for Adolescents
Ashley S. Brown
Nevada State College

Adolescents are in need of preparedness in regards to self identity especially in terms of sexuality. Sex is a taboo subject especially when considering adolescents. Parents tend to be afraid that discussing sex will encourage their adolescent children to want to engage in sexual activities. Adolescents are being influenced by not only by factors such as socioeconomic status, the media and their peers, but also a lack of a relationship with their parents (Asampong, Osafo, Bingenheimer, & Ahiadeke, 2013). The subject of adolescent sexuality and sexual education and development begs for there to be clear communication between the parents and
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She added that the “teachable moments” are not only for the students, but for her as well. “I have to keep up with the slang or else they won’t hear me” she said in regards to my question about how she stays “cool” with her students (M. Jones, personal communication, October 12, 2014). The school requires letters to be sent home to inform the parents or legal guardians that their children would be discussing issues dealing with sex and sexual development. Ms. Jones also took the time to get her “special consent” from the parents of her students to discuss issues with the students. When I asked her to clarify her “special consent” she said, “I talk to the parents as not only a teacher, but as a parent as well. I want them to know that I wouldn’t tell their children anything that I wouldn’t tell mine” (M. Jones, personal communication, October 12, 2014). She said that she is often approached by students that either don’t want to ask questions aloud in class or that have questions that they are afraid to ask their parents. Ms. Jones noted that the only time she contacts parents is when she thinks their child might be in danger. We discussed the dynamic in her classroom and she said that her classroom allows for the students to see that things are constantly changing. Her goal every year is to get her students to adjust to change by

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