Essay on Shift in the Character of John Reverend Hale

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John reverend hale is a character from the famous book of Arthur miller the crucible which is based on Salem witch hunts and trials in Massachusetts during 1950’s. John reverend hale is a witch craft expert who was called by a priest reverend parries to help her daughter betty parries as she was assumed to be in the devil hands after she was caught dancing and practicing witchcraft in the woods with reverend parries’s nephew Abigail Williams by reverend parries .

Since john reverend hale was a famous witch craft expert who was considered to be very learned and with a vast knowledge of the underworld. Mr hale is a man who is nearly 40 years old, a tight skinned, eager eyed intellectual. He felt the pride of the specialist whose
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We can see the confidence in him when He analyse the body of betty. It can also be seen that he was a seeker who can go to any extent to find the truth about the witchcraft.

In entire act I Arthur miller portrays that mr. hale believes in the girls’ accusation of people as a witch. But as the time passes by, he is shown to be an expert who wonders the authenticity of the girls. since he is a true seeker of truth he went to proctor’s house without mentioning it to the court just to find the truth about the proctor’s for himself .this event tells that his confidence over his conclusions was weakening Hale finally came to know the pretending behaviour of the girls when they accused a saint women like Rebecca nurse who’s good deeds are famous in the entire Massachusetts. It can be clearly seen that he is a man who just wants the truth and nothing else he is a person who is extremely brave as he stands up against the girls and the court even when the supreme judge was also afraid to turn against the girls because the girls were supported by the people. Till the end he gives his level best to save john proctor’s life and the innocent people but whenever he took a stand he was always turned down by the court. He is the first person to know that these witch trials is nothing but a hypocrisy to seek certain vengeance by certain people like Putnam who wanted to take over the land of the people he accused,

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